Depression, not ‘nough said!

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Phi Theodoros, singing away the blues

interview; 101.5fm Radio Adelaide, interview Phi Theodoros and Angus Randell

In a culture that doesnt usually put all its money where its mouth is, except to eat.., its great to see a friend of mine, Phi Theodoros.. go out (again) work for community.

Suitably impressed by another of Phi’s efforts in bringing us joy and sanity, i asked her if i could bring the recent Radio Adelaide 101.5fm interview to our most prestigious local news paper THE PEG REPORT and being TPR∗ is dedicated to ‘local news, ordinary people, doing amazing things’ its pretty obvious Phi Theodoros should grace these pages.

So like the radio adelaide 101.5fm says;

Singing away the blues

Phi Theodoros, Story telly and singing away the blues

Phi Theodoros, Story telly and singing away the blues

Anxiety and depression are becoming an increasing issue for many in our modern society, however one artist is aiming to challenge this… through song.

Depression the Musical was the brainchild of Phi Theodoros and was a huge hit at the 2013 Cabaret Fringe Festival.

She joined Angus Randall on the show to discuss her show and why she is raising awareness.

listen to the audio interview here

Phi’s blogg here or click on image

Depression The Musical is all about opening up conversations. Helping others to empathize and understand how someone else feels. Today is R U OK Day and I encourage all of you to be there for someone you think is struggling. I also encourage you to think about supporting our crowdfunding campaign, we need your help to take the show to regional communities and to inspire more conversations along the way!

this girl is special … some years ago before i knew her, during one of my on line facebook spasms.. Phi actually inboxed me asking if i was OK… the only person to do that… a person who puts their day to day life where her mouth is and thats rare these days… i never forget things like that

∗ ThePegreport