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FWS (Finding Workable Solutions) save & salvage

goolwa 'salvage & save' helps employment, reduces landfill and helps the socially challenged

Goolwa ‘salvage & save’ helps employment, reduces landfill and helps the socially challenged


With spring coming on and the current economic crisis in my wallet , push bike is a good idea. The push bike shop in Goolwa has some great bikes but the cheapest I wanted and one of the cheapest there was $600?? Mmmmmm..???? After a bit of investigation; the taxi driver told me, the boy if the fish and chip shop, a nurse, chemist shop assistant and a man who heard me as ask the chemist shop assistant.., all told me to go to ‘the dump.’
THE DUMP turns out to be ‘Salvage & Save,’ an initiative of FSW (a non-profit organization working in partnership with local Governments.) With so much recommendation what could a poor boy do?

So it was lucky for me and I found a great bike almost new for $40. ‘Save’ed alright!!!!

While paying for the bike I met the delightful Michelle who is working as the head honcho of the retail and cash. I didn’t have to ask what was going on there, when she ascertained (rather quickly) I’d never been there she wanted to tell me all about it. I reached for the voice recorder and this is what she told me…

Michelle at, 'salvage & save.'

Michelle at, ‘salvage & save.’

‘Finding workable solutions here at Salvage & save is an organization that employs people with a disability.. So we are non-profit, the profit we make helps to pay wages and reduces land fill at the same time. Everything you see here would have gone into land fill if we weren’t here, first and foremost. Secondly, we accept quality donations. So if you are clearing out [of your home] anything; steel, bric-a-brac, [ect.] Everything you see here we take as quality donations to help reduce landfill but more importantly, [help reduce] social inclusion.

Truly it really is that situation of ‘win win.’

We recycle as well. So if you got metal,  copper, brass, [ect.] As well as that our guys get trained on product identification and you know, everyone needs to be needed.’

Indeed!! That was Michelle quiet the angel. It’s a great place. Helps to reduce landfill (my bike was gonna be landfill?? OMG!!) while at the same time employing and training disability people. My push bike is excellence with a great paint job, tires, brakes, lights but the seat was a bit small. I brought a new seat which was quiet a bit more than what i paid for the whole bike at Save & salvage.
An excellent place and ill be going there often.


Warehouse at Salvage&Save

Warehouse at Salvage&Save