Keep your Head Above Water

Stress! Where does it come from and where is it going?

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Temples and Pagodas all offer a quiet place to drink tea and read a book

Recently I was having major stress over my internet connection. It was a ridiculous. Have i become so dependant and pedantic?





we do have some pretty crazy stress going on here… as rich or as poor as we are we all real have problems too.


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Stress can be similar to being caught up in problems

Here is differant than the more reticent and the down to earth culture of developing Asia.. here we DO have first world problems and they aren’t the ones we mock ourselves about.. we do have some pretty crazy stress going on here… as rich or as poor as we are, we all real have problems too. We are in a world of media, loud behaviour and little understanding of ‘respect.’ Our opinions are confused with our very existence. 



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Young boy fishing during the rainy season.

One has to be be careful when dissecting cultures to stay objective, unbiased and undiscriminating. In its simplest the east and west have differant problems and that comparison might give us some insight into humanity. There’s way too many layers of Asia to understand Asia properly, unless you are Asian. Asia suffers greed while the West suffers from Ego. The path to loud and aggressive behaviour of western cultures have been paved by well meaning parents who demonstrate culture every time they show the slightest aggression, frustration or self-righteous behaviour in front of their children as ‘normal.’

BUT I was STRESSED.., ect

  • i walked in front of a car by accident last week. The well dressed Father driving with his son in the car couldn’t stop yelling at me as he tried getting the drivers side window down so i could hear him scream. I didn’t walk in front of his car purpose. I didnt fire up at him in any way. Whats the message for the boy in the car? Aggression is acceptable. In Asia its enough to nod at the person doing wrong because its known the person already knows they have done wrong. As a matter of fact if you start yelling in Asia you immediately lose credibility.., unless its about money. That’s what’s i observed?
  • one of my parents carers came around with a story about her boy’s behaviour that same morning. Upset over an argument, she had asked 14 year old son to do the dishes. He was watching TV and a huge fight ensued. That wouldn’t happen in Asia the kids would already have done it because they really want to. Because they are a part of the family storyboard with the girls cleaning dishes and cooking rice by the time they are 6 years old. The Carer thought she had done something wrong by asking him to do something while he was watching a show on TV?
  • ect ect, things that seem ‘normal’ here but really bring us all down.

What’s it all mean? Not much except to say things are differant here and a lot of stress is due to the way we treat each other. Is it even a problem or just the way it is? In my opinion its a problem to be aware of but little we can do about it because thats the way it is. 

Apart from David Attenborough; TV at its best leaves a bad smell in the lounge room and at its worse; has some boys flipping completely, catching a plane out and fighting in the Middle East against us.

But we are scared. Why? We are heavily regulated and our law enforcement is generally some of the best in the world. Civilians here are rarely touched by corruption. Criminals cant sneeze without a law against it. To do crime, means a good chance of it being caught on camera. So what’s the problem, why the fear and anger at the way things are? 
Of course the media has a lot to answer for. Our social lives have been structured into work, home. We ‘pay to play’ in the real world and its getting more expensive. Now online games and social network are a blessing and a curse for everyone giving many a break from the isolation of their home. But along with TV we are thrown into a world of media horror, warped politics and warped opinion due of tabloid style NEWS .., and we have to endure for the sake of the 20-60% of people easily hypnotised and for the profit of the media giants the smoke and mirrors of tabloid press.

Sometimes it feels like we are walking down corridors alone..walking and thinking

Sometimes it feels like we are walking down corridors alone..walking and thinking

Whether we believe their stories or not the media, with its razzle dazzle leave us feeling; inadequate, thinking all sorts of rubbish that’s nothing to do with the reality, upset and paranoid.

Apart from David Attenborourgh, TV at its best leaves a bad smell in the lounge room and at its worse has some boys flipping out completely, catching a plane out of here and fighting pop star style in the Middle East against us. And despite the family friendly snippets in the main stream TV news i don’t see many people getting the community spirit. There’s plenty who do but most are over 65. The media sways the vulnerable with a manipulation of events, so depressing its become a big distraction from reality and getting things done in the real world. The media is isolating everyone by preparing us continuously for gloom. Its red flags as in the ‘$7 doctor fee’ bone it threw at the crowd that become big news that no one in the real world actually cared about. Its TV court room show trials reminiscent of Rome or WW2.  


we are in it together

we are in it together

The Media, the things our culture considers normal, none of these things are going far to improve an understanding that n loud and aggressive behaviour and no show of respect toward your family, friends or the people is not good for the general health of everyone. Respect and the heart felt approach is something we can do as individuals. The powerful agendas and tactics of media and corporatism leave us feeling hopeless but on ground level we can try to be the person that’s best for those around us. Put ourself last in every occasion. Those around will appreciate it and the world might just improve for us.