Family Life; Rural Cambodia

Mr Mait is Assistant Teacher at Learn4life English school, Pouk Village. Siem Reap Cambodia

At home with Mr Mait

At home with Mr Mait

Mr Mate is a good mate of mine. I met him as volunteer English Teacher at Learn4life English school, 19K Sth from Siem Reap. He used to tell me about his son, his dreams of becoming a tour guide at Angkor Wat and building a house on the land his father gave him. He showed it to me i have photos somewhere. It’s right next to the whole family. He took me there one day and introduced me to everyone; his son, his parents, his wife, brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles. It was a wonderful day. Everyone was so shy but so friendly and the land full of animals, rice, fruit and all sorts of things.

i spent a month at Pouk Village teaching English in a Pagoda. It wasnt an easy life and pretty rough by western standards. Im sure that will change soon as Cambodia progresses.

I arrived in the village at the hight of the rainy season and a lot of the rice had already been damaged in the floods.

Local family in rural Cambodia. Mr Mait's family

Life in rural Cambodia is very natural. Rural people are proud not everything in the country has a price like in Phnom Phen or Siem Reap.