Nimbin setting the night on fire

All things going well THE PEG REPORT will be going to Nimbin soon.

Recent fires in the middle of the Nimbin destroyed two of its hugely historic buildings; the Rainbow Cafe and the Nimbin Museum. It also brought the town to attention in the media again. Rumours abound and at moment concerning Nimbin in all sorts of ways but the PEG isn’t interested in rumour, not for the moment anyway. Friends in Nimbin sent the PEG these exclusive clip of the Nimbin fire. Lots of differant people make up the town of Nimbin and contributed to its culture. A lot of its history was kept at the museum was lost. The rainbow Cafe has been a famous coffee spot for decades and was probably the coolest coffee shop in Australia. Doubtless thousands of people enjoyed the shelter and the spaces of the Rainbow Cafe. 

thanking Vernon Treweeke for the featured photo


Nimbin; setting the night on fire (footage)

How the Nimbin Fire went from Rainbow to Nimbin Museum

Taken by Nimbin’s own Radio Steve

more footage


RainbowCfe 1973 photo vernon teweeke

RainbowCafe 1973 photo vernon teweeke

Nimbin after the fire

Nimbin recently after the fire. Rain has slowed down repairs.