PEG Gallery

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  • PEOPLE and coconuts
    in the markets buying and selling
  • Kids in the morning
    i met this little girl one morning at her parents resturant
  • PEOPLE in Temples
    finding a quiet place to be
  • PEOPLE making Silk
    in a silk factory in rural VietNam
  • bridges and boats
    helping people get around
  • PEOPLE lost in clothes
    outside the markets people blend in with the clothes
  • PEOPLE and Shopping
    in the evenings people walk around town and go shopping
  • PEOPLE and Rice
    sorting Rice
  • Monks learning English
    in rural Cambodia
  • PEOPLE and Family
    in Rural Cambodia are very friendly and sometimes a little shy
  • FAMILY life
    in rural Cambodia
  • PEOPLE and cattle
    caring for each other during the floods
  • PEOPLE and Rooftops
    lots of people, lots of history; Phnom Phen
  • PEOPLE and Moats
    should be crossed with care
  • PEOPLE climbing
    temples must be very quiet and respectful
  • PEOPLE fishing at night
    be very careful the water can wash people away
  • PEOPLE watching water
    people on the river
  • PEOPLE in the War Museum SaiGon
    war gets the thumbs down
  • PEOPLE and weapons
    many differant ways to kill each other... the horror
    have a long history together
  • PEOPLE by the River
    living on the water
  • Temples with PEOPLE
    on the sides of hills
  • PEOPLE in Temples
    live there and maintain it so its always clean and respectful
  • PEOPLE and Friends
    ride the cyclo
  • PEOPLE and Smiles
    look good together
  • PEOPLE in a Maze
    of power wires
  • PEOPLE learning English
    in class pose for a photo with their teacher
  • PEOPLE and the Morning
    in downtown SaiGon people are rising or going home
  • Children
    happy on the street near mom's Bahn Mie shop