PEOPLE general

Photos ive taken as ive wandered through SE Asia with my trusty camera. Photography is a great hobby and great for memories. Ive seen amazing things and im glad ive been able to photograph them. Theres special people here in these photos.

  • Standing around Angkor Wat
    PEOPLE building Temples
  • PEOPLE celebrating Xmas
    the silly season for silly people
  • PEOPLE teaching children English
    in developing countries
  • Monks watching the River
    in Phnom Phen while PEOPLE use their phones
  • PEOPLE watching PEOPLE
    curiosity killed the Cat
  • PEOPLE at Markets
    Buying and selling things
  • silly season xmas
    party under umbrellas
  • lakes and PEOPLE
    during a flood
  • local PEOPLE in the suburbs
    putting it on the line
  • PEOPLE walking to the Shop
    during the wet season
  • girls rowing home
    during the rainy season
  • girls still rowing home
    during the rainy season
  • girls nearly home
    during the rainy season
  • rich PEOPLE and poor PEOPLE
    in rural Cambodia
  • bicycles and PEOPLE
    in rural village
  • PEOPLE and rice
    working together
  • PEOPLE together on streets
    walking talking shopping at the Market
  • Buying and selling
    in the market under the umbrellas
  • PEOPLE together at the market
    on a day much the same as any other
  • PEOPLE living on boats
    on the river
  • PEOPLE celebrating
    the TET New Year
  • PEOPLE and coconuts
    at the Markets in Vietnam
  • People watching the Ocean
    missing the one they Love
  • PEOPLE who own shops
    cooking and cleaning
  • Boats and PEOPLE
  • PEOPLE looking at Angkor Wat
    in the afternoon as the sun goes down

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