Our wildlife might need your help.

Australians love their country’s diverse and unique wildlife. Our critters bring us joy and help make our world go around for the better. At certain times of the year you might see some of them on our roads; looking for a mate, a food source or just enjoying the sun. If you come across any of these our wonderful wildlife on our roads, please STOP and help them (they are people too). If the animal looks healthy and well move it across the road in the direction its going. If the animal is injured find assistance ASAP.

Turtles and lizards

  • place the animal in a box or container and cover it with a towel or blanket.
  • DO NOT transport turtles in water. A wet towel is sufficient.
  • DO contact an animal support group if have a pet turtle you no longer care for.


Kangaroos, Possums & other animals Marsupials

  • All female marsupials have a pouch in their lower abdomen. If the animal is dead check its pouch to see if there are any young ones still alive.
  • Carefully remove the baby from the pouch.
  • KEEP IT WARM, they cannot maintain body heat and need help. Depending on the size the best thing you can do is put it next to your body. Blankets, towels, beanies, jumpers can be used to mimic a pouch.
  • SEEK ASSISTANCE and/or get help from a carer or veterinarian.
  • DO NOT TRY TO FEED THEM. These animals need special formulas depending on size and age.
  • Kangaroos can last 15 years in captivity. They are a lifetime commitment.


In the Goolwa and Alexandrina areas you can find assistance for injured animals on; PH 8555 1657

Mob 0419 551653
KEEP YOURSELF SAFE, some animals scratch, some claw and some bite.

For Marine Wildlife issues call, 08 8263 5452

if you are interested in becoming a carer for these animals or need any information at all call, Chris 8555 1657

or email