Test from mobile app


One of the PEG's roving reporters testing instant news with today's technology

Smart phones and instant news

Testing from mobile applications

 Ive just taken this photo, edited the text and published this post from the editor on my mobile phone straight to my website.The amazing technology today in our smartphones and devices allows us to have as much fun with local reporting and blogging as we like. The ability to record an interview by audio or filmtake photos and upload it to a mobile web site editor and publish on ones own website within minutes is nothing short of incredible. Local news could be huge. This is good news for PEG PEOPLE when THE PEG REPORT goes on the road.

for example; on a boat or in the field;

  • take a photo or video
  • interview with audio
  • insert media/text and edit it with mobile MS Office or wordpress mobile and publish it straight to the web.., or
  • upload the file to google drive to use later on a desk top
  • upload it to OneNote and edit it further and publish it from there straight to the website

I’ll update this post with news about this technology as we use it.

TRUE TO FORM THE PEG REPORT has gone into the field to test the latest in News Paper Mobile technology. Our roving reporter went above and beyond the call and nearly backside over the handle bars bringing you the news and testing the equipment for THE PEG REPORT. This is what happaned? Roving reporter takes the fall for the peg!