What is the Zeitgeist Movement?

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THE PEG REPORT has been curious about The Zeitgeist Movement since watching ZEITGEIST movies about the international banking system and the federal reserve. Horror.

I asked a friend of mine Michael about his involvement with the movement and did a bit of research on the internet. From what I can gather The Zeitgeist Movement is individuals or groups who meet and share support and ideas under TZM banner. Who create projects to help the world deal with inequality and the development of sustainable systems on all levels.

Neither the great political and financial power structures of the world, nor the specialization-blinded professionals, nor the population in general realize that…it is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on earth at a “higher standard of living than any have ever known”. It no longer has to be you or me. Selfishness is unnecessary and henceforth unrationalizable as mandated by survival. War is obsolete. (R. Buckminster Fuller) 

On another note; There is a number of concerns and criticisms on the internet about TZM for anyone who wishes to look deeper into the subject. I will say the projects surrounding TZM rate from the normal to the incredulous and really worth checking out.., in the meantime here is one example of the kind of criticism aimed at the group.
eg;TZM criticism

everyone has an opinion…, anyway

Informal chat with Michael about the Zeitgeist Movement.

 hi, its my news paper thats just started. Im pretty new at the web and ive been putting content and such on it. Its still under design but its ok. If i can get a bit more content and fine tune it for SEO.. who knows in a few months or a year? So, having said that, any article you write doing me a favor because it will take sometime before anything you write would be seen by 1000s.. but know knows? Its just i think TZM an interesting thing but i only have the vaguest idea what it is, because ive never been to a meeting. It could be a cult for all i know?

 A few seconds ago

is the best explanation.

There’s also a book

 TPR: ive watched a number of films but that dosnt explain whats going on in Adelaide. i get the drift.. ive watched a lot of zeitgeist films thats why i wondered about you guys?

Ahh right

TPR: if i can get you, maybe i can get the communist party too.. example, just my thinking but genuine interest.. all good man

There’s not much direct ZM stuff happening in SA. We do a bunch of our own stuff in our own way, there’s not nearly as much done under the banner of the ZM but it’s very geisty.

TPR: what banner do you use?

Well it’s more that there’s a bunch of different projects. LIke

TPR: cool, great a website. is there much connection with the ZM is that info on the site?

Many of the videos are ZM vids.

TPR: cheers man, ill check it out and get back to you. if you dont mind that is?


TPR: one last thing.. the info i meant.. do you guys relate to ZM international.. do you have connections or are you more just as you say.. your own group? you dont have to answer and anyway i hope im a good guy.

We’ve been connected with them, but I don’t have the spare time to attend all the team speak meetings and everything else.

TPR: i see.., i get that, ok thanks again



The International Zeitgeist movement can be found at


And a book defining TZM is downloaded free from here;


Zeitgeist Australia is found here